Types of Popular Residential Roofs

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You have important things to do if you want a house to improve and redo your roof before spring. This includes time, finances, and roofers for your home roof project. However, it is essential to decide on the materials you are going to use for re-roofing. Generic black asphalt shingles are not used today for roofing. There are a lot of excellent other options in the market for shingles. If you are going for a particular look with your exterior design, you can pay attention to roofing material trends. Below are the top four current trend roofing tiles that you need to check out before spring comes.

slate roof


A popular design for luxury homes is slate, as well as those that use texture and look that mimics the natural environment. These are tile-shaped rocks that retain their appearance because slate is a natural object. SLate offers a great deal of flexibility in tiles arrangement, but it is one of the most expensive roofing material choices. Slate tiles are available in many different gradations and colors, from shades of grey to individuals with a stronger background. Slate roofs offer excellent strength and durability.

Concrete Tiles

Manufacturers are currently creating a range of roofing materials through a concrete base, including wood panels, faux tiles, and shingles. Concrete slabs are the best choice when it comes to durability. Manufacturers use a variety of substances to coat these products from enamel to metal to match their appearance. Although concrete roofing may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, they are known to offer durability benefits. These include fire resistance, low maintenance, long life, and resistance to animal damage and rot.

Clay Roof

If you have ever admired the colorful materials on the roofs of southwestern style houses, you will have noticed the clay tiles. This type of roof offers a wonderful choice of colors and styles that will allow you to customize your overall impression over the centuries. It gives immunity, and clay is known to have a long life span. The only downside with the clay tile would be its fragility. Any maintenance should be carried out by roofers to prevent the pipes from breaking. A clay roof can complement a stylish overall look or a clean design for living structure along the entire roofline.

Metal Roof

metal roof

Steel, together with other forms of metal roofing, is a growing trend. They offer you a choice of flexibility when it comes to the appearance of standing fashions.  The operating costs of metal ceilings have been reduced because they are resistant to rust, fire, and other injuries. Steel tiles are a good choice for other ponds that symbolize heat and allow snow to slide off the roof.

If you are well prepared to improve your roof and want to consider an attractive alternative to traditional roofing, contact an experienced and reputable community roofing company today.