Top Reasons to Visit Toronto

beautiful toronto city

If you are planning to travel abroad, then you should consider Toronto. Although the city is underrated, you will find it to offer more than you can imagine. In fact, why visit Toronto when there are other better destinations? These are some of the reasons to consider Toronto as your next destination.


toronto cityWhen you get to Toronto, what you will like most is the warmness and interactions with the locals. These people are known as Torontonians, and you will find them extremely friendly, nice, and polite people. Their warmness is what will make you feel immediately at home. The fact that nearly half of the people residing in this city are born abroad means you will enjoy the diversity the city offers. In fact, you will get to know plenty of people and cultures from around the world.

The Food

At first, you may find it challenging to choose what to eat. The city’s food scene mirrors its ethnic and cultural diversity. For instance, you can eat Indian, Greek, Chinese, and African. Poutine, which is likely to have migrated from Quebec, is the country’s unofficial national dish, and you will find it quite popular in Toronto. You can get even a lot of restaurants serving this dish late.

Sports Galore

If you are a sports freak, Toronto is your dream. The good thing is that watching games in Toronto are quite affordable. For instance, you can watch NBA basketball games or spend your afternoon watching baseball. Either way, you will not get it wrong. The most popular sport in Canada is basketball, and its tickets might be a bit expensive.

Open Spaces

The truth is that Toronto has many open spaces. In fact, you will find parks in nearly every corner with streets lined with leafy trees that are quite beautiful in the summer and spring. If you have time, you should visit Toronto’s old town as it is full of parks and you can hang around.

The Cleanliness

Ideally, there is a direct correlation between the size of a city and how the city is dirt. Fortunately, Toronto goes against the trend, and you will find it to be the cleanest city ever.


When you visit Toronto, you have the opportunity to dance all night, attend concerts, and enjoy sports. Ideally, the city offers great cultural activities that you will not want to miss.

Road Trips

When you get to Toronto, you will hear people say that there is nothing outside Toronto. That might have some truth. You can find cool waterfalls, cottages, and wineries a few miles from Toronto.